Changing faces…

I woke up earlier this summer to a text from my fiancé: “I’m breaking up with you. You’re becoming too much like your former best friend.” I was devastated. I cried. Then I realized…she was right. She is giving me time to fix that fact, but when she comes around to visit my family, it still hurts. But you know what? I still love and care about her, yet I know she is right. So here I go. Oh, wait. You think I’m changing so I can get her back? Nope. I’m changing because I don’t want to be like … Continue reading Changing faces…


Here is a piece of advice. When someone tells you that they know what can happen, that the path you are on can end badly, listen. See, someone recently just told me that they know themselves and their limits better than I do. But I know what can happen. I know where the path leads. I’ve been there. I know. But aparantly I don’t know. Aparantly, since I’m not them, I can’t know where the path ends for them. This is true, but I do know the ultimate end. So this is what I have to say. Listen when someone … Continue reading Advice

The Secret Life of Me

I was watching the end of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty tonight. As with most movies, I try to see who I am. Interestingly, in this flick, I’m pretty much just like the main character, played by Ben Stiller, minus the lack of excitement in my early life. I’ve been to four of the seven continents, and still, my life didn’t seem exciting to me. I couldn’t find love, I had no friends, and I grew up with my grandparents. So you can see why I felt like I did. Well, my life is still lacking excitement, but I’ve … Continue reading The Secret Life of Me

A kitten’s meow

I’ve been playing with my kitten all day today. I know, I know. I missed church. That’s cuz I spent all night with a painful back. See, in yesterday’s torrents, I slipped and busted my back badly. But that’s part of my story today. While I was playing with little Storm, my wife and I were pointing out that she has interesting sounds. But one she makes when she falls is her distress mewl. I immediately thought, “Gee…sounds familiar…” That’s when it hit me. I made the exact same sound when I fell. Normally, I feel very little external pain … Continue reading A kitten’s meow

I’m tired

I’m laying in bed with my wife tonight and I can’t sleep. But I’m tired. I don’t get it. Perhaps it’s from worrying. Or maybe it’s from hope and excitement. I’m helping my boss with the kennels, doing anything I can for a few extra bucks, coming home and eating, playing with our kitten and dogs…all before grabbing a smoke and going to bed. I’m up around 11 (it’s very relaxed here) and I’m in bed around 1-2. I’m getting a lot of sleep. But why am I tired…oh well. Time for my smoke, one last play with the kitten, … Continue reading I’m tired

WBC hates all it seems

Today I’m sitting at a McDonald’s and I hear things. I hear lots of things. But what I heard today made my blood boil. Westboro Baptist Church, affectionately nicknamed The Satanic Church of Evil by those of us Christians who want to have nothing to do with them, has this week alone picketed the funeral of one of Omaha, Nebraska’s, cops. My question is, why? Their twitter feed says “Omaha rebels worshipped a dead op en masse while WBC picketed.” Worshipped? Really? They honoured the cop’s life! This hero was gunned down in cold blood by a thug who, in … Continue reading WBC hates all it seems

Upside down flag at PacSun: distress or disgrace?

I’m sure by now all of you have heard about PacSun’s new shirt in association with rapper A$AP that has the United States flag upside down. But what does the symbol mean? According to US flag etiquette, to fly the flag upside down is a way of showing a base is in distress and needs immediate help. At the same time, our enemies (mainly ISIS) are using this distress signal as a form of disrespect to our nation. This is becoming so common that most who see it instantly assume that it is degrading our once great nation. Several people … Continue reading Upside down flag at PacSun: distress or disgrace?